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Tiger Head company successfully passed the new AEO certification

  After the strict on-the-spot inspection by the customs certification expert group, Tiger Head company has successfully passed the new AEO certification and participated in the on-the-spot certification ceremony organized by Guangzhou Customs.
  In order to further participate in the international trade security and facilitation proposed by the world customs organization, the General Administration of Customs issued and implemented a new AEO advanced certification standard in 2018. The certification is the first certification of the new certification standard after the integration of General Administration of Customs and Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, adding the certification content of the original commodity inspection, which covers a wider range of content, including enterprise internal control, financial status, legal compliance, trade security a total of 31 certification standards, and the assessment is very strict. Tiger Head Company achieved good results in both data certification and field certification. At the same time, Guangzhou Tiger Head Industrial Co., Ltd. also passed the first general customs certification.
  AEO advanced certification is the highest level of the Customs for the credit status of enterprises, and the passing rate of national audit is only 5 ‰.Certified enterprises can enjoy many customs clearance facilities, such as exemption of guarantee, application of lower inspection rate, priority of customs clearance, exclusive service of enterprise coordinator, export declaration in advance, which greatly improves the customs clearance efficiency and reduces the customs clearance costs and helps to further develop overseas market.

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